Ross and Adrienne Pinkstaff

This group will study topics in apologetics as well as tackling challenging biblical questions. We will be led by alternating speakers who will spend several weeks on a topic. The purpose of the group is to equip Christians with a deeper biblical understanding as well as an ability to explain and defend their faith.

Group Type: Open to All
Facilitator: Ross & Adrienne Pinkstaff
Day of the week: Wednesday
Time: 7:00-8:00 PM
Location: North Sapulpa
Contact: email: or text 918-899-9005
Childcare: Provided at the Church


Vicki Eklund & Jill Good

This group will be going through a DVD study. The study is, "Esther, Its Tough Being a Woman" by Beth Moore.   The goal of this group is to help women become closer to God through bible study and the fellowship of other women in the group.

good SGpic.jpg

Group Type: Women
Facilitators: Vicki Eklund & Jill Good
Day of the week: Every other Wednesday
Time: 6:30-8:30 PM
Location: Prattville
Contact: 918-724-9675 (Vicki)
Childcare: Provided at the Church

Bill and Alicia Cash

Married couples discussing everyday life. Working on marriages, raising children, and working to be the family God intended us to be.

Group Type: Married Couples 30's and 40's
Facilitator: Bill & Alicia Cash
Day of the week: Wednesday (weekly)
Time: 7pm - 8pm
Location: Berryhill area
Contact: 918-261-4354 (text/call)
Childcare: Provided at the church

Gregg and Janet Emerson

A couple's fellowship group.  We will do activities together, such as dinner, movies, ball games or just meeting together and playing games.  This is a life-stage group for couples with teenagers, college kids or who are empty-nesters.


Group Type: Couples
Facilitator: Gregg and Janet Emerson
Day of the week: Every other Wednesday
Time: 6:45 - ?
Location: Berryhill
Contact: Call or text - 918-906-8516
Childcare: None

Nathan Moyer

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to live like the first disciples? Join us as we meet together to learn how to live radically for Christ and build life giving, sharpening relationships. Our aim is to challenge, encourage, and serve one another as well as those in need.

Group Type: Open to All
Facilitator: Nathan Moyer
Day of the week: Wednesdays
Time: 7PM
Location: Berryhill
Contact: Text, 918-260-4761 or 918-625-6378
Childcare: Children's ministries at the church. 

Richard & Martine Presley

10 Things that Worked: Raising Sons and Daughters for Christ.  This will be a group for parents to learn about child-raising and hear what worked as Richard and Martine raised six children, all of whom are adults now.  There will also be question and answer times.

Group Type: Parents
Facilitator: Richard & Martine Presley
Day of the week: Wednesday @ 7pm (Start date: Feb 21, 2018)
Location: Berryhill
Contact: Martine Presley – text: 918-269-3106 or e-mail:
Childcare: Provided at the Church

TJ and Julie Davis

Our group will focus on developing relationships with the Lord and each other.  Bible study, prayer, fellowship and fun!

Group Type: Open to All
Facilitator: TJ & Julie Davis
Day of the week: Wednesday
Time: 7PM
Location: Berryhill
Childcare: Provided at the Church

Joe & Tracie Sexson

This group will be discussing marriage and parenting as couples.

Group Type: Married Couples
Facilitator: Joe & Tracie Sexson
Day of the week: Twice monthly on Wednesdays
Time: 7:00-8:00 PM
Location: Prattvile
Childcare: Provided at the Church