Subrenia Jurney & Kena Lundy

This group is for anyone wanting to learn how to communicate with Deaf and Hard of Hearing people who use sign language. This group will have multiple teachers who will teach basic sign language for communication purposes. Kids age 7-13 are welcome to join, with their parent or guardian. Anyone over 13 can come alone. Childcare will be provided for anyone 6 and under. This group will meet Thursdays in July and then other possible dates will be added. The cost is $10 per person, all funds go to Solace Sign Language Ministry.


Group Type: Anyone, but space is limited
Open to All: 10 years and older
Facilitator: Subrenia Jurney/Kena Lundy/Leslie Burton
Day of the week: Thursdays in July (6th, 13th, 20th, & 27th)
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Solace Church Kid's Auditorium
Contact: Subrenia Jurney                        text: 918-851-2746                             email:
Childcare: Yes

Terry Wood

Jiu Jitsu, grappling and self-defense training. This group is for those who currently do, or who are interested in Jiu Jitsu, and those who want to become more empowered with the ability to defend themselves.

Group Type: Open to All
Facilitator: Terry Wood
Day of the Week: Thursday
Location:  Solace Church
Time:  7PM-8:30PM
Contact:  Call or Text - 918-695-4322
Childcare:  No childcare is provided, but you can bring children that are 10 or older.

Rick & Robin Haynes

This group is a melting pot.  We have some older couples, younger couples and a couple of middle-aged singles.  We share a meal each week, discuss the latest sermon and we pray together.  We laugh a lot and enjoy each other's company.

Group Type: Open To All
Facilitator: Rick & Robin Haynes
Day of the Week: Thursday
Location:  Berryhill
Time:  7:00PM - 8:30PM
Contact:  918-633-9575 (Text) / 918-606-1932 (Text)
Childcare:  None

Tasha Smith

This group will begin on August 24th and will meet every other week on Thursday night at 7:00 pm in the 56ers room.  The Bible study is called "Uninvited" by Lisa TerKeurst.  Buy your book and join us!


Group Type: Women
Facilitator: Tasha Smith
Day of the week: Thursday (ONCE PER MONTH)
Time: 7 PM
Location: Solace Church
Contact: TEXT - 918-931-2917 / EMAIL - RADTECHTASHA@YAHOO.COM
Childcare: None

Charlie Grau

A weekly accountability session/check-in for those with addictions, so that we might not only learn from each other, but become examples as well.  This group presently, will not involve any defined curriculum. If it is determined that such a change will help further growth within the group, we will go from there.


charlie web.jpg

Group Type: Open To All
Facilitator: Charlie Grau
Day of the week: Thursday Evenings
Time: 7pm
Location: Solace Church (56ers Room)
Contact: Email:
Childcare: None.  Please, no children at this group.

David Haraughty

If you have ever wanted to try out tennis or you have experience playing, this group will be good for you.  It will be an opportunity to do life with other Christians as well as get fit. 

*If you are new to tennis and don't have a racquet, there will be a few that can be used until you can purchase one.*

david web.jpg

Group Type: Open To All
Facilitator: David Haraughty
Day of the week: Thursday Evenings
Time: 6:30pm (Beginning end of February)
Location: Berryhill, West Tulsa (LaFortune Park in the Winter)
Contact: Email: / Phone or text: 918-814-4024
Childcare: None, but kids are welcome

Karen Donnell

This group is a ladies only group and its primary goal is to allow ladies to get some time away to relax and build relationships with other women in the church. We will do crafting activities, bunco, potlucks, etc. This group will meet once per month most months, but at the most will meet twice per month. 

Group Type: Women Only
Facilitator: Karen Donnell
Day of the week: Tuesday & Thursday (ROTATING SCHEDULE)
Time: 6:30
Location: Solace Church
Contact: 918-855-7297
Childcare: None

Kathleen Moore

This group creates a casual atmosphere where homeschooled children play while moms encourage each other in their similar life journey as homeschooling families.

Group Type: Homeschool Parents
Facilitator: Kathleen Moore
Day of the week: Thursday - Once per month
Time: 11:00 AM
Location: Pratttville
Contact: TEXT 918-798-9904 / EMAIL: KATHMOORE4@YAHOO.COM
Childcare: Yes