Daniel Skinner

My group is for men are believers and ask some of the following questions...

"Who am I? What is my purpose? What is my life all about?" These are questions Christian men are asking all over the world. Why is this? Do you desire a greater intimacy with God? It is because there is something stirring deep within their being, telling them that there is more that God wants to show them about Himself and there is more of Him that they desperately need in order to answer those questions. The Journey to the Inner Chamber is a creative novel that introduces a path of discovery that will lead the men to the answers for those questions and more.

Group Type: Men's Journey Group
Facilitators: Daniel Skinner and Randy Pendergrass
Day of the week: Sunday Evenings/bi-weekly
Time: 6p-8p
Location: Solace Church
Contact: dan.skinner1@yahoo.com
Childcare: Not available

Bob Grider

In this proven parenting class, you will learn what God's Word teaches about raising, training and nurturing children. You will be taught a biblical approach to raising children that develops a strong spiritual foundation and moral compass.  You'll learn a method that allows you to set realistic expectations and guidelines for your children and implement skills to raise your children using positive discipline with calmness and self-control.


Group Type: Special Interest - Parenting Young Children
Facilitator: Bob Grider
Day of the week: Sunday Evenings - weekly for 8 weeks (Begins Jan 29)
Time: 6pm-7:30pm
Location: Solace Church (56ers Room)
Contact: Email: griddean@cimtel.net / Phone: 918-798-5246
Childcare: Childcare is available.  Please communicate with your facilitator regarding your needs


We're a group of people getting together to discuss life.  We will go over the Sunday Sermon if everyone wants to.  If not, then we will just discuss the things going on in our lives.  Oh, and eat food!  Everyone please bring food to share each time.

Group Type: Open to All
Facilitator: Suzanne Haraughty
Day of the Week:  Sunday (EVERY OTHER)
Location: Tulsa
Time:  6PM
Contact:  TEXT: 918-851-3609 / EMAIL: SHORTYSUE76@GMAIL.COM
Childcare:  None