Daniel Skinner

My group is for men who are believers and ask some of the following questions...

"Who am I? What is my purpose? What is my life all about?" These are questions Christian men are asking all over the world. Why is this? Do you desire a greater intimacy with God? It is because there is something stirring deep within their being, telling them that there is more that God wants to show them about Himself and there is more of Him that they desperately need in order to answer those questions. The Journey to the Inner Chamber is a creative novel that introduces a path of discovery that will lead the men to the answers for those questions and more.

Group Type: Men's Journey Group
Facilitators: Daniel Skinner and JR Deramus
Day of the Week: Sunday Evenings/Bi-Monthly (runs October 2018 - September 2019)
Time: 6:00 PM -8:00 PM
Location: Solace Church
Contact: dan.skinner1@yahoo.com | 918-378-4999
Childcare: Not available

*Some material costs apply.  Contact your facilitator for details.*

Daniel ellis

Mostly marrieds (mid 30's - mid 40's) with children, but all are welcome! Current study is Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas.  Come share worship, study, fellowship, and prayer with our relaxed and fun group.

Group Type: Married with children & Open to all
Facilitator: Daniel Ellis
Contact: Daniel  918-607-4779 call/txt Email: Daniel.ellis@superiorpipeline.com
Day of the week: Sunday
Time: 12:45 - 2:15 PM
Location: Sapulpa
Childcare: Yes, childcare is available


This group is a missional focused family group. Family members will be split up and meeting in different groups at the same time. A curriculum and experience will be provided by Josh Porter for boys 1st - 5th grades. Dad's are invited to attend the boys group with their sons. A bible study for mom's will be lead by Rachel and Leslie. We will be studying "Raising World Changers in a Changing World" by Kristen Welch. A group for 5th-8th grade girls will be led by Jill Latham. 

Childcare will be provided on-site for children who do not fit into the specified groups. There will be a $5 charge per parent each group meeting to contribute to the on site childcare. 

Participants will be responsible for purchasing their own study materials for the groups. 

A facilitator will contact you with specific details of study materials needed once you have signed up. 

Group Type: Family
Facilitator: Leslie Clingenpeel, Jill Latham, Rachel & Josh Porter
Contact: Rachel, rachel@dance4ovations.com // Josh 918-728-4784, ovationsgym@gmail.com
Day of the Week: Sundays
Time: 6 PM
Location: Sapulpa
Childcare: Yes, childcare is available

Bren & Lauren Leete

Primarily made up of young families with kids, this group is one that learns about God, discusses the sermon from the week, builds friendships and does life together.

Group Type: Couples
Facilitator: Bren & Lauren Leete
Day of the Week: Sundays
Time: 4:30-6:00
Location: Solace Church
Contact: Via text (Lauren) 918-313-3656
Childcare: Yes, childcare is available

Jon LaFevers

This group is for Sapulpa area couples with children. 

Group Type: Life Stage Group
Facilitator: Jon LaFevers
Day of the Week: Sundays (Bi-Monthly)
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: Sapulpa (Ovations Gym)
Contact: 918-520-9327 (Text)
Childcare: Yes, childcare is available.