Lauren Foughty & Katie Freemen

This group will get together to serve those in need by collecting items, distributing them, and serving dinners at the day center, in downtown Tulsa.

Group Type: Open to All
Facilitator: Lauren Foughty & Katie Freeman
Day of the Week: One Saturday Per Month
Location: Solace
Contact: Lauren 918-607-6693
Childcare: Children are welcome

Haley Gladson, Dana Love & Natacia Miller

This group facilitates groups to run in fun runs in the Tulsa Area.  This is for people who aren't afraid to have fun and encourage each others.

Group Type: Open to all
Facilitator: Haley Gladson, Dana Love, Natacia Miller
Day of the Week: Depends on events - at least monthly.
Time: Depends on events
Location: Tulsa Area.  Specifics depend on events
Contact: | 918-237-5672 (Haley)
Childcare: None, but children are welcome