Chainsaw Crew Request

The Solace Chainsaw Crew exists to help people in their time of need. From clearing roads during ice storms, removing trees after tornadoes, to helping someone remove a dead or fallen tree from their property, the Solace Chainsaw Crew can help.

All requests are rated in terms of immediate need and degree of difficulty. Once a request is submitted, you will be contacted by a crew member who will go inspect the property to determine if the need fits into our general mission and range of expertise.

There is no charge for the services. 

Facility Request

Solace Church is available for any type of event or function that is consistent with Biblical principles.  Our facilities are available on a first come, first served basis at no cost to you.  Depending on the nature of your event, there may be some nominal staffing fees associated.  For more information and to reserve your event, click the link below. Event requests will be accepted no more than 3 months prior to the date of your event.

Wedding Request

Solace Church has two different Wedding Requests. The first form is if you are requesting a pastor from Solace Church to perform your wedding. The second form is if you want to hold your wedding at Solace Church, but want to use a pastor that is not part of the Solace Church staff. Please fill out the appropriate form for your circumstances. In either case, Solace Church requires that your wedding meets appropriate biblical standards and principals, and therefore reserves the right to decline any wedding that does not meet these standards. Please note that additional forms may be required to use church facilities and/or additional personnel.

Benevolence Request

All requests will be prayerfully considered, and an interview with a member of our staff may be necessary. Although we do have future plans to provide assistance to the community, presently, we are only able to consider requests from Solace Church members and regular attenders.