Scott French

It is with great joy and excitement that we announce our recommendation for Lead Pastor, Mr. Scott French. Scott brings a tremendous heart for the Lord along with a love for missions, discipleship, and counseling. We will be providing opportunities to meet Scott over the next few weeks, which are noted below, so please register your family for one of our upcoming meetings.



Q: Will there be a vote on the July 22 “Confirmation”? 

A: Yes, there is a secret ballot paper vote of the membership, and the majority of members present will be needed to confirm Scott as our new Lead Pastor.

Q: Is the July 22 Confirmation vote limited to church members only?

A:  Yes.  Only members can be present at the vote.  Please check your membership status at the HUB on Sunday morning.

Q:  Do members have to be present to vote?

A: Yes.  Our bylaws do not allow absentee voting.

Q:  If we reach a majority “yes” vote for Scott? Will there be immediate changes to our staff or church direction?

A: No. Scott is committed to working with our current staff, including Jay, and our Ministry Leadership Team to find God’s direction together.

Q:  What would happen if Scott is not confirmed by the majority of members?

A: The selection process would start over.

Q:  What is the purpose of the Town Hall Meetings?

A:  These are your opportunity to hear from Pastor Scott and the Pastoral Selection Team, and ask them any questions you have.  Everyone is welcome at Town Halls.   They are not limited to members. Each town hall is capped at 300 people and registration is required.  We encourage you to submit as many questions online as possible prior to the meeting. 

Q:  What if I am unable to attend any of the Town Hall Meetings?

A:  Recordings of the meetings will be made available upon request prior to the confirmation vote.

Q:  How did the Selection Team come to this decision?

A:  The Selection team is composed of  seven Godly men who have been fasting and praying over this recommendation for over six months.  They unanimously believe Scott is the candidate to recommend as our next Lead Pastor. It’s notable to know that Scott was not searching for a job.  He connected to the team through a mutual friend and was not a candidate initially.  He too was called to Solace during the process.

Q:  Will Scott preach prior to the confirmation vote? 

A:  Yes.  July 22.

Q:  If I’m not already a member, can I become one prior to the confirmation vote?

A: Unfortunately, no.  The membership process is multi-step in nature and will exceed the timeframe for our vote.

Q: Can I ask additional questions during the meeting if I forgot to submit one ahead of time?  

A: Yes, you will have an opportunity to submit questions the night of the event and we will do our best to answer as many questions as possible during our meeting.  

Q: Will I be able to visit with Pastor Scott afterwards in private? 

A: Scott will do his best to be available after each meeting; however, we can't guarantee he can meet everyone one-on-one.

Q: Does Pastor Scott support the Solace Family Home and our Africa Mission? 

A: Absolutely!  Scott has a passion for missions and has travelled as far as Russia serving the Lord.  He has already talked to Jeff and Tawnya and is looking forward to the opportunity to visit our orphanage someday.

Q: If confirmed, will Pastor Scott be the only pastor speaking on Sundays? 

A: As our Ministry Leadership Team has mentioned in Solace Group meetings and in updates along the way, the team believes it is healthy for our Pastors and our church to allow teaching to be shared.  Scott also believes in this model and plans to continue to build a culture of collaboration with our Pastors allowing them to speak regularly.