Transforming the lives of 1 million poverty stricken children & adults each year by fighting pain and suffering across North Africa to Central Asia.


After 45 years working in the Ivory Coast, West Africa, Mike Cousineau started the 1040 Initiative with one goal in mind. Redefining the possible by creating sustainable communities. They dream about a new world where communities can thrive. Together, through water, health, and education they are committed to create sustainable communities.


1040i partners with volunteers and businesses to provide health, education, safe drinking water, and micro-business assistance to those in need living in the 1040 corridor spanning North Africa to Central Asia.

The Josh McDowell Institute


Oklahoma Wesleyan University has partnered with Josh McDowell to form the Josh McDowell Institute for Christian Apologetics. In fact, OKWU is the only institution in the nation that bears Josh McDowell’s name, and we are pleased to honor his legacy and scholarship.

JMI provides some of the finest material & training on Christian worldview and apologetics, and we aim to equip churches, pastors, community members, and students with these resources for greater effectiveness in sharing our Christian faith. We are a place for not only students, but for anyone to come to listen and interact with some of the most prominent Christian apologists of our time. 

Ryan & Chelsea Farran


Ryan grew up as a missionary kid and spent his grade school years in Papua New Guinea.  Seeing first hand the great need for missionaries, Ryan decided in high school that he wanted to be involved in career missions.  Chelsea grew up in a Christian home and was saved at the age of seven.  Chelsea was motivated to go into missions after hearing what her sister was learning at New Tribes Bible School.  Together Ryan and Chelsea have committed their lives to serving Christ through missions.   Future Plans: Our desire is to see the Gospel taken to people who have not yet heard of Jesus Christ.  Our Ministry will be aiding the tribal missionary through aviation.  We will be involved in flying missionaries in and out of the tribal locations saving them valuable time that would have been spent hiking, boating, or driving out of the tribe.  We’ll be doing medical flights for the missionaries and tribal people, as well as having a ministry of encouragement to the tribal missionaries.  We are very excited to get to the field and get started as soon as we have the financial support to do so.