Check-in will begin at 8:15 AM in the lobby. During check-in you will receive your GO Weekend t-shirt (if you registered before July 15th) and are encouraged to wear it during the serve.

Childcare (for ages 0-5) will open at 8:30 AM. We are asking parents to check-in their children like they would for a Sunday morning service. After the event, please pick up your children by 12:30 PM.

Everyone will gather in the main auditorium at 9 AM for a short time of encouragement and final instructions. We plan to dismiss by or before 9:30 AM so that teams can get to their serve opportunity and begin working by 10 AM.

Most serve opportunities will conclude around 12 PM. There is no need to return to the church after your serve, but we do encourage you to come back Sunday morning as we highlight the weekend and other missions happening through Solace Church.