Jay & Karen Stephens

We are a diverse group of couples and singles ranging from 20 somethings to 50 somethings. Our small group meetings are part Bible study and part "date night" because we share a meal together, study, and then fellowship well into the evening each time.  We study a variety of Biblically related topics including textual studies, topical studies, apologetics and current events in light of the Scriptures. We challenge each other to learn more of God's Word, give more, and live more closely to His Will. In short, we are committed to "doing life together" as Christians in an increasingly secular culture.


Group Type: Open to All
Facilitator: Jay Stephens
Day of the Week: First & Third Fridays
Time: 7pm - ?
Location: Angus Valley Farms
Contact: jstephens@scfm.com
Childcare: None

Nathan Moyer

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to live like the first disciples? Join us as we meet together to learn how to live radically for Christ and build life giving, sharpening relationships. Our aim is to challenge, encourage, and serve one another as well as those in need.


Group Type: Open to All
Facilitator: Nathan Moyer
Day of the Week: Friday
Time: 7PM
Location: Berryhill
Contact: Text, 918-260-4761 or 918-625-6378
Childcare: Children's ministries at the church.