Disaster Relief Team


Solace Church Disaster Relief (SCDR) has the mission to bring help, healing, and hope to individuals affected by disasters. SCDR has active partnerships with Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, The Salvation Army, Oklahoma County Emergency Managers, and many local churches throughout Oklahoma. These partnerships allow for instant recognition and response in the time of a disaster. Our goal is to become a statewide leader in instant response and recovery from natural disasters.

SCDR have been assisting local families and aiding in statewide disasters since 2013. We hope to earn the right to share Christ's love by helping people in their time of need. The scope of work can be as small as trimming a tree for an elderly couple or as large as clearing roads to allow first responders access to those injured in a natural disaster.

Currently our disaster relief team specializes in two areas:

Chainsaw Crew. This team has a fully outfitted trailer with chainsaws, pole saws, weed trimmers, safety gear, etc. They are ready to help when disasters hit the Tulsa area. They also hold monthly Cut Days. These are both training for the Chainsaw Crew members and a helping hand to families in the community who do not have the time or resources to have trees removed. 

Chaplains. Disasters cause more than just physical damage. They can be times of intense emotional and spiritual stress. Many people are searching for answers and need someone to come alongside them. We ask all chaplains to go through training to be equipped and ready in times of need.