Community Response Team (CRT) brings help and hope to our community and those affected by disasters. Currently the CRT specializes in two areas:

Chainsaw Crew. This crew has a fully outfitted trailer with chainsaws, pole saws, weed trimmers, safety gear, etc. They are ready to help when disasters hit the Tulsa area. But the biggest impact comes through regular Cut Days. These are both training for the Chainsaw Crew members and a helping hand to families in the community who do not have the time or resources to have trees removed. 

Construction Crew. The heart of the construction crew is the use the trades and talents within our church (plumbers, electricians, landscapers, etc.) to help people in our community. The Construction Crew has regular serve days, but may also send out one or two people for a specific project, like fixing a leaky sink for a widow. You don’t have to have a skilled trade to be a part of the Construction Crew, there are plenty of ways to be involved!