Day 15

Day 15

I find it very interesting: When God wanted to fill believers with the Holy Spirit, the most amazing filling of all, He didn’t ask them to think it all through and figure out how that was going to happen. He also didn’t force it upon them. He revealed what was in store for them and asked them to be ready, but then He asked them to create a space where it could happen. 

Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:3-4, 6, 17-18 how we can create space. In these verses He doesn’t say, “if.” He says “when” you do these things. He assumed that, as His children, we would want to create spaces in our lives for Him to fill with His rewards. When you give, pray, or fast, you are creating space for God to do amazing things in your life.

Spiritually speaking, this week can be really powerful as you find yourself in a prayer and fasting zone, and your mind has made the leap to focusing more on God. 

Make a choice to finish strong, and ask God to help you keep your momentum (or even strengthen it) as your year goes on.


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