Day 9

Day 9

When we experience staleness in our relationship with God for whatever reason, surrendering again is the first step to rekindling the fire within! We need to start each day with complete surrender. Surrender is more of an ongoing process rather than just a one-time decision. Full surrender to God means no more going back and forth with one foot in the world and the other foot in God’s kingdom. Following Jesus is all or nothing.

The surrendered life is the best life. It’s really the only way to live as a believer. But to get there, you’ve got to go all out. This means total surrender. No more halfway stuff; you can’t be a part-time Christian. God wants you to be a full time follower of Jesus.

When you fully surrender to God, you are filled with His Spirit and are awakened to His presence in your life. God will energize you and give you a hunger for His Word.

About this time in your prayer and fasting, you may be experiencing some fatigue. Let yourself have extra rest if you need it.  Finally, more than ever, this is the time you have to be vigilant about your spiritual focus. Great days are ahead, and you will be glad you pushed through this day and didn’t give up!


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